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Cheap Sugar

As a Beekeeper, I get though loads of Sugar to feed my Bees.The best price I could find at the supermarkets was 73p a kilo.

The British Beekeepers Association has done a deal with Bookers cash and carry allowing members to trade there. I bought my winter sugar ( 150 kgs ) for 56p a kg. What a saving!

Beeman-how would my OH find out about this-fairly sure he has membership to BBKA as we keep getting their mailings!!  

Hi Freckle, Tell your OH all he has to do is turn up at Bookers with his BBKA membership card, Bookers will give him a day pass,followed by a swipe card 2weeks or so later. Simple as that.Plenty of other bargins to be had also. Hope this helps.

58p per kilo for white sugar in QD stores here in Norwich

was just about to say the same of wisbech and kingslynn gareth QDS cheap Tbags as well (TYPHOO)

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