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Cheap foriegn imports ?

We need to replace one of our wood burning stoves but like most tight wads, I don't want to pay over the odds. Having said that, I know that you tend to get what you pay for.

There are myriads of cheap cast iron and steel stoves being imported into the UK and I'm hoping that I might find one that's worth having.

I found this cast iron stove on the internet the other night.

Has anyone bought any of these 'cheapos' , whether it be this particular one or any other make? Any and recommendations  advice will be much appreciated.
Rick & Carol

Do you have a Charlies near you? They stock a bunch of cheapo wood-burners & in fact I bought one for the workshop last year. It only gets occasional use but it seems fine.

We ended up getting one of these but for 750.

We couldn't be sure about the quality of the cheaper ones and we've had the 5 KW version of it in the study for a number of years and we really rate it. An added bonus, is that the pipework that we have for the one that we're taking out will fit the new one exactly. Its quite a saving.

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