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He came from a person who had a drugs habit with his brother who is a bit camera shy. I wanted to call them Smack and Crack- but Mrs Chickenstu did not want to turn up at the vets and have those names called out- so I had to submit and went for Charlie and Whizz instead

When he shuffles of this mortal coil- I am going to have a hat made from his pelt


Smack and Crack................

Lucky you he is great, it was change name or you do the vet things huh


hes a beauty for sure
mrs tiggywinkle

What a handsome buy.     PS love the names!!
March Hare

WOW look at those markings terrific, the names Smack and Crack were good, but Charlie and Whizz even better - subtlety is always good

Beautiful!  He looks like my Tiger,  the kitty we had when I was a kid.

A proper cat. I love tabbies. What a handsome boy. Good names too! Love lizzie

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