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Changing banks

How many of you would actually go to the trouble of changing from one bank to another if you were offered a better deal?
I have been offered 18 months free banking on a business account but I'm waiting to see if my current bank will match the deal

I moved from HSBC to Santander and they took care of all the d/ds S/O's etc with no problems whatsoever.
Very easy to change.

Only if there was a local branch I could actually use.
matt the rat

I'm with the Alliance & Leicester (Santander).

Downside is that they know nothing about business, and have no branches or business advisers.

Upsides are that it's free banking, and I can use any post office to deposit or withdraw, so I'm also supporting another rural business.

Some years back got offered free banking for a set period, only problem was at the end of said period, their charges were greater than the previous ended up yep! changing again.....

We changed banks about 4 years ago and it was very easy. Would change again if I thought I would get a better deal


We still bank at a branch 600 miles away
Just the thought of changing banks gives me palpitations  

Our normal account is still 135 miles away

The business manager obviously doesn't want to keep my business because she still hasn't been in touch with me. Time to start looking around to see who else has offers of free banking before I decide where to move to then.


I've been with the same bank, same branch, since 1986. Never seen any reason to move.

It pays to shop around Llurcher where banking is concerned. The banks tend to take advantage of loyalty rather than rewarding it.
Big Phil

I changed banks for ethical reasons.
Barclays have financial involvement in so many oppressive practices all over the world.
I'm with the co-op now and live a cash only life style. Some might think this has disadvantages, not being able to shop on the internet and all that. However if I do want something off the internet I phone the retailer and arrange a money transfer of some description.

It's easy enough to change banks. Done it before. Trouble is that what is a good offer for 12-18 months may become worse thereafter.

As ever, big business has no interest in us small fish.

Well, I've made the change and will actually be getting 6% interest on the first 2500 in the business account and 2% interest on the business savings account that I run alongside it
The bank will deal with transferring all the DDs and SOs but I've got to change all the companies that pay me by bacs payments
It sounds as though it will definitely all be worth it.

We changed banks a few years ago

the one thing that makes me stay with who i am with at the mo is the fact I can phone and speak to someone in the branch in the town without having to go thro to a blinking call centre

It's great as you def get personal service - phone up and they know you and you know them

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