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Changes a foot?

Well! I've been giving the thought some time for quite a while now and I think ( that's ditherer talk for I'm not quite sure ) that I'm going to slowly change over from keeping Gloucester Old Spot pigs to Large Blacks. To that end, I sold Matty the boar over the weekend and he'll be going to a new home in six or seven weeks. He's just got a few loose ends to tie up.

I'll keep the GOS females for the time being, which will mean me attaining a certain proficiency in the skill of artificial insemination. If sticking a spirally tube up a pigs never regions doesn't produce some humorous shanangans for me to tell you about, then nothing ever will.  

I've got quite a bit of time yet, but the search for a good Large Black boar starts today.
chicken feed

We use AI its not so bad and a excellent way to bring new blood into a herd without additional boars on site. You don't have to have the spiral catheter they also do a sponge ball one you just tell them which you prefer !!.

That one day course I'm going on at the end of the month covers AI, so that will be more than useful.

Most important thing to remember:

Blow, don't suck!    

I'll bow to your expertise Joe.

looking forward to the photos

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