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need to bite the bullet and get a new saw!!! poor old thing is just not up to it any more! any one got a fave make or ones to keep away from? what do you boys and girls use?

We have all sorts, big n small first need to know how much you do and what size. What have you got at moment? All are good when they go big heap of junk when they don't.   Our son Darren is a chainsaw mechanic and we do everything from felling to burning trees    
Bulworthy Project

We've got a Husky 346xp.  Fantastic saw.  As I've said on another forum: "light enough to swing around your head, beefy enough to cut down a decent sized tree. (never swing a chainsaw around your head)"

We used to have a couple of cheap husky saws.  They are not made by Husqvana and are rubbish.  If you want to buy a low end saw, the Stihl ones are very good.

We've also got a Husky 60 which is an old farm saw.  It needs some attention and sounds like it's running on diesel, but if you wanted a semi-permenent loan, you're more than welcome.

Stihl every time Mines a 21" and does every thing around the farm from 24" Leylandi and Ash trees to logging for the stoves superb tool  

got a big old Alpina which i bought in a farm sale years ago for a tenner and something called an Ama which has really worked hard and does'nt owe me anything

ive been running a husqvarna 88 xp for years it has serios grunt and isnt to hard on the back 22 inch bar means I don't have to bend to much for small stuff and enough grunt for the stuff thats 4 ft in diameter

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