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chainsaw sharpener

Last week Lidl were advertising an electic chainsaw sharpening machine, has any body been able to get one and are they any good as i hav'nt been able to get to the store yet ?

I thought they weren't available till tomorrow ?

I missed out to; they lasted less than an hour on the shelves in the two Norwich branches of Lidl ............................ I reckon that there ought to be a Lidl online catalogue type store so you can buy the specials that you miss out on.

Don't know what brand they are but we have an electric one that is very good but some of the cheap ones are just that. Son uses our one as he is a small motor/chainsaw machanic so I only know what tells me

My colleague at work got on the other day.
Fiddly to set up but works well once sorted out.

OH is going to try and get me one tomorrow hopefully, we have two stores near us so i might be in luck

How much are they asking for one.?

no luck i'm afraid apparently both stores sold out on the first day

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