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Centrepin Reels

I have recently bought a Centrepin reel via ebay.I've not used one for years, but after giving it so light oil I tried it out on the Trent the other night,fantastic I'm dead chuffed with it.The model is Avon Royal Supreme,made by Grice and Young of Christchuch. Do any of you use a 'pin?

On occosion, mines nothing special just a basic Shakespear Centre pin.

However, I do often use a large Alvey Salmon fishing reel for drifting a largish deadbait, and pier fishing ..... ..... I guess that the Alvey's are classed as centre pin reels.

Used to use an alcocks aerial centrpin at Burton Joyce years ago on the Notts Fed saturday opens which Roy Toulson and Pete Palmer used to run.
Absolute pleasure to use, you could make your float talk.
I had the pleasure of watching that great exponent of the 'pin' Pete Hardcastle put a stick down the middle of the trent in not ideal conditions during a national, unbelievable skill.
I must admit that I later bowed to technology and preferred the abu 507 for speed during matches, I still use the same model 507 here in france causing much interest among the match fraternity.
I only used the centrepin for pleasuring after that until I dropped it and put it slightly off balance. Never the same after that.
Is the trent still fishing well?
Regards, Lw

The Tidal Trent, which is the bit I fish, has fished very well for barbel.We need some proper rain though as it remains very low and clear,combine this with sunny days and the barbel become very shy.
There are also some very big Bream about, fish into low double figures.Very big Perch also turn up,I weighted one for a chap 3lb 7oz just a few weeks ago.From what I hear the Roach are nowhere as prolific now,most people believe this is down to the huge numbers of Cormarants that ply the river, there are reputidly 800 roosting at Besthorpe pits.

I nearly went for a Match Ariel myself, but the Grice & Young reel has a very good adjustable drag system, I'm aiming to cast a 3oz lead off the reel with it.

I have a freind who is Barbel fishing in France in the first two weeks of October, I'll find out where.

Regards  beeman

The aerial has an adjustable drag as one of the spokes was threaded and had a small knurled nut but I never used the drag as I used my thumb to cause drag when needed. I also preferred full balsa stick floats, or balsa and cane as opposed to wire stem sticks as they tended to use more lead down below and seemed to improve presentation.
Be interesting to hear where your friend is fishing and how he fares, tactics, baits etc.
Regards, Lw

Do any of you use a 'pin?

Pin fishing and float rods have really caught on here for the steelhead that migrate up the Great Lakes tributaries.  I think it became popular in Canada on the western steelhead rivers and found its way here.  I've found it to be a very effective way to fish.

I have a mate who years ago bought any "Match Ariels" he could find and then send them over to Canada for really good money.They were all to be used for Steelhead fishing.

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