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Centre for alternative technology

As it was just the two of us today    we thought we would go somewhere we would be able to enjoy at our pace without having to consider our son   . We have been wanting to visit the centre again for a while. (We have been before, back in the early 80s.) I have to say I was very dissappointed.  Considering the topic and the wealth of experience they claim to have the displays are often broken and there is very little actual explanation of how the technology has developed,been used and refined.
We were very impressed when we first went and okay it was the new thing then and we were enthusiastic about it but the impression we had was that they were happy to take our money but not to really tell you anything when you get in.
Oh well strike that off the list and move on to the next  

That's how I felt when I visited for the first time a few months ago. I expected a lot more 'hands on' technological exhibits, but felt it was more organic gardening than anything else. The friend I went with has been a shareholder for many years and I think she was disappointed too. The only thing I was really impressed with was the water powered railcar to get you up and down the hill - and it was a really sunny day too.

I went on a three day course there about wind power back in the late 80's.  I assumed it might have improved a bit over the years, but I wouldn't bother to visit again.    

And they gave us both a tummy upset    or at least we both suffered with the same violent tummybug which started during the car journey back home.  

We called it "The Wind Power Course Curse"  

The friend I visited with this year had been on a residential course there. She stayed in bunkhouse accommodation. She said that the vegetarian food on offer was beginning to have a distinctly noxious effect on the atmosphere by the end of the course!!

Visited this with the my wife about 3 years ago. Her exact comment was "its an unloved hippie theme park!". Shame really but its does have a fantastic bookshop with all sorts of useful titles.

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