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As if i didnt have enough to worry about my mare has cellulitis. Caused we think from a small overeach wound. On friday her leg was like an elephant - in 6 hours it had swelled up. Called emergency vet who prescribed IM antibiotics and bute. No improvement over weekend. The swelling was hot and hard to the touch, Ive turned her out as gentle pottering is suggested and am cold hosing the leg for 10 mins twice a day. I walked her out in hand today and she is not too bad - definitely sound at walk. Anyone got any further suggestions how to manage it??
She has had it before years ago and it came right with time. Love Lizzie

Cellulitis is a bacterial based infection so it should be a case of waiting for the antibiotics to work and letting the vet know if it does not appear to be responding  
I hope that she is better soon.

Not heard of it before Lizzie, but am keeping my fingers crossed for her


Hope it settles soon,  check with your vet first but I added garlic, echinecea & aloe vera to my mares food when she had it  

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