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Cauliflower soup.

Hi, we have a glut of caulie's and would like a recipe for soup. Any Ideas?, also, is it ok to bottle and sterilise cauliflower or broccoli soup? I would like to know if anyone has been successful doing this. I tried a courgette soup but after a short time it fermented.
regards, Lw

I make a cauliflower and blue cheese soup just using the cauliflower florettes and stalk, some potatoes for thickening, a mix of chicken stock and milk (saves adding cream) and then blue cheese of your choice - blue stiliton or blue cheshire is nice.  Whole lot is simmered together with the cheese added at the end of the cooking time then blended till smooth.  never bottled it but freezes excellently...use same recipe but with broccoli and cheddar.

I do the same as Debbie, but add onion and sometimes a little garlic, as well.


I like curried cauiflower soup in the winter,just sweat down cauli,onion,garlic,bit of potato, then add curry powder or paste or your own curry spices creation,cook a little then add stock and blitz it when it's cooked soft. Nice with nan bread.

What a great idea - that's on my to do list, for sure.

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