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Our neighbour has over 5 cats, which are left to roam morning noon and night, the RSPCA have taken about 6 away leaving the current 5, These little darlings are messing everywhere (bar their own garden),  worring our poultry and our new Springer puppy Lola has taken a shine to the mess as a meal or a nice roll in it. What is the best product or idea to deter these loves  



There's a product I believe called "Roar" or something similar which I believe is pellets of lion poo which is supposed to deter them.  Don't know if it works as have never tried it but it might be worth a go.  I think it's available at garden centres.

Also, apparently orange peel and pepper scattered around is said to work.

Might be a good idea to arm yourself with a water pistol and every time you see one in your garden, give it a good squirt.  It's not cruel, it'll just make them think about going somewhere else where they won't get wet.

Roar does work in tubs and planters but don't know about large areas though.

Water Pistol is a great idea with neat Domestos.
Have found a Flame Thrower works better, gets rid of weeds at the same time.

Bazzer wrote:
Water Pistol is a great idea with neat Domestos.
Have found a Flame Thrower works better, gets rid of weeds at the same time.

You evil nasty person you       Cats are another one of God's creatures and you should be kind to them  

Cats are nobodies creatures.
They are a law unto themselves and steal oxygen.
If they dumped in their own gardens and left ikkle birds and creatures alone i might even consider breaking or swerving to avoid one.

Must admit, that's the one thing I don't like about domestic cats (having had two as pets for nigh on 17 years) - the fact that they are wanton murderers as the mood takes them, even when they have plenty of food at home and do not want for anything.

Dogs can be the same with smaller animals but at least we can control them by keeping them on a lead.

I am with Bazzer on this one; The Domestic "tiddles wouldn't hurt a fly" moggy is pest.

Catapults, air rifles, shot guns, hunting rifles, Challenger 2 tanks, and inter-continential balistic missles should all be considered when dealing with this urban craps in my garden pest.

how am i going to get out of this one
nope sorry as much as i tried i couldnt think of a reason to disagree.............i'm with bazzer too on this one  

oooh shame MOGS isnt here too see what ideas she might have


Easy answer to this.

Get your own cat

Or get a Jack Russell!! I have taken to silently opening a window when I spot a cat (we have about 15 round here that like to use MY garden as a communial lavvy) and launching Daisy at them!! Ha ha they dont know whats hit them!! Oh yes its a mental Jack Russell going at 100mph!!!  We havnt seen the black cat for weeks.... Love Lizzie

I can go one better than a jack russell. Two Lancashire Heelers . They go crazy just at the smell of a cat. I'd recomend them to anybody who hates cats.

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