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Cats on heat

We have 3 female cats. When two of them are on heat they wee/spray everywhere! If we get them speyed will they stop this??

Also how the hell do you get rid of the smell!!

Thanks guys xxx

Best start is to get them neutered and although this may not completely stop them as it is may be a habit, it certainly helps and reduces the smell. It also reduces possible future fighting etc and spreading of cat diseases which can be fatal (cat aids, leukaemia and flu). Un-neutered cats don't have an easy life :sad10: . You can get free or fee reduced vouchers from the Cat Protection League. Don't worry about losing a potential kittens for the future as there is always a home needed for prime feral ratters!

To get rid of the smell I use some over-priced odour remover from the pet shop 6 :q52: , but worth every penny. I've been visited recently by un-neutered toms who've come into the house and sprayed - despite having 5 dogs (who would all love to have them for dinner  :smt103  ) and 3 cats.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Other pets
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