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cats accident

bit graphic on the details but im trying to determine what happened to our cat and wondered if anyone had any ideas, anyway monty came flying in through the en suite window the other night the boss heard him under the bed making a noise had a look and saw that his leg was bent, inbetween getting me and returning he had gone back through window.
we live in the country with no near neighbours and no one hunting, so after spending the day searching he came back at 11 last night, with a very bad injury to front leg, the vet said 4" of bone was missing from between knee and ankle and was only held on by skin and blood vessels, he's not seen anything like it and hasn't a clue how he did it, i can't see it being a trap, i thought maybe an attack from another animal but what one, he's had leg removed and trying to keep infection away, next 24 hrs its fingers crossed.

bit of a long shot i know but we have 3 cats and would like to pin down what happened if i can, cheers...

Ouch! Poor bugger. Not the worlds greatest cat fan, but I hope he gets on ok.

As for what caused it? Afraid all you can do is guess, really.............I'd say the chances are it could've been a fox or dog attack?

Yeah, my guess would be another animal. Probably being bitten with the initial 'chomp' would have freaked the kitty out enough to be willing to leave anything 'behind' to get away. They have a Great 'Flight or Fight' sense and manage to get out of some of the most death defying situations!

I'm glad it is still alive, and pray for a speedy recovery.

Hope puddy cat has a good recovery  

Kor that must have hurt badly, here's hoping for a speedy recovery  

Our thoughts and prayers for a good and fast recovery

Oh poor Monty - fingers crossed.

Do you think leg was broken in a car accident and he made it worse by all the jumping in and out of windows?

no it wasn't a car must have been another animal of some sort, he's home tomorrow, he's so laid back he should be ok....

Just make sure he has something to lean against?  

Woodsmoke wrote:
Just make sure he has something to lean against?  

Oh my.....  

my sympathy to you. i know some of what you are feeling ( see post moving in chat )
i hope monty makes a full recover  

Hope hes feeling better soon  

he's doing fine, it's amazing how they just adapt to a situation, hardest part is keeping the kitten away from him....

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