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I rescued this from one of my chickens in the orchard this afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn't think about adding an object in the photo to give an idea of the caterpillars size but it was a BIGGUN!

I'm pretty sure that its the lava of a Privet Hawkmoth.

Elephant Hawk Moth Larva

I found this one in  the garden.
It's that big I thought we had been invaded !!

According to my research the "eyes" are just markings to deter preditors. Clever stuff  

Not sure what Bodger's one is but brewer66 your's is an Elephant Hawkmoth  
Rare one

Found the same species as yous on the apple tree this afternoon Bodger.
Did a bit of a search and found it to be an Eyed Hawk moth caterpillar which feeds on apple trees amongst others.

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