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Catching Eels

Is it legal to catch eels in a trap suitably baited ?
I have been thinking of making one out of a bit of sheep fencing mesh rolled into a  cylinder covered with hessian sacking and a bit of drain pipe as an entrance and weighted down . Not sure of the legality though

Nets, Traps and set lines(inc woollen bobs), etc. are classed by the EA as "fishing engines" and are subject to the relevant licences.

I hope you do better than I did.

Cheers Bodger thanks for the link and denting my hopes ! I thought maybe August/September would be the best time as the bigger ones may be on the move (from ponds to streams) looks like you tried in February ?

It should be the best time, its just that I'm rubbish at most things.

Those pictures were taken in April last year which was possibly a little too early.

when we have done it in the past we got a hessian sack and wove the mouth around a wire loop , then put some road kill in it and a rock just in the mouth we tried various positions of setting and they all worked but the best was with mouth set up stream a foot in the darker murkier rivers were better and amazingly most of the eels caught actual had their teeth snagged on th outside of the sack all facing upstream, however we did get a few inside the sack, we always checked everyday, but the 4th day(same bait) seemed to be the best day, stopped doing it because I didnt really like the taste and the dogs got bored now that we have the influx tho no doubt the Poles would buy them as they buy everything else I dont want.
BTW never failed to find an Indian take away that wouldnt swap some LIVE surplas cockerals for a meal

when we have done it in the past we got a hessian sack and wove the mouth around a wire loop

Me ol' pappy used that method when he was a kid on the River Lea and Lea Navigation Canal in East London.
Back in the mid 70's I was getting 1 a lb. live weight.

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