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anyone use one for hunting?
and make there own?

Not legally.

its not illegal  to hunt with a catapult.
using proper ammo. its illegal to use stones under some act brought in 1996.

I'd use one if I could hit the side of a barn door.

My childhood mentor always had one in the inside pocket of his jacket.

i use one badly !!

I'm with you guys but I am good at hitting cows that want move   Our Grandson James 3 saw it some time ago and asked what was   but now shows it to anyone as gandads cow shooter  

I used to take game with a catapult some years back, but not anymore.  I still love to shoot and make them although its cans that i draw a bead on these days. They're great fun, takes you back to being a kid.

A member from way back when, who still drops in here occasionally was absolutely wizard with a set of  'galleys' in his hands. Are you watching Yeehar !

here's a couple i made.
one with green bands is a tab top the other is old style square type bands

 Spot on.

cheers bodger...
i've not used them for quite a while so will have to get some more bands.then its out for a mouch....

Tidy catapults them  I use the rubber off industrial marigold gloves that we use at work on the shot blaster. They are some nice bands, best of all they're free gratis and for nowt.

The best square elastic i ever used was the 1/8" the more common 1/4"was ok but have you seen the price of it now  

It used to be a painful job learning how to use them  

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