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Cat has returned home

Ten month ago my cat got lost. This morning I got a phonecall by a woman who told me she had found him.
My cat is mentally ill. I raised him by hand, his mother jad lleft hi when he was born. So for months this woman had tried to reach my cat at 4 meters away, then months for one meter to reach, then months to reach his head, than months to touch him and finaly this morning she could put a scanner above his head to found out he has a chip for identity. So she found me by a website of this identity-chip and called me.

I was amazed to hear my cat was still alive. I thought for months that he was dead.

So I went to this woman to get my cat. He recognized me straight away. He is now inside my house. but it will take a few weeks for him to get used to it living home again.

His name is Chopin. He is 7 years old and has very long white hair.

Brilliant news!

Awesome news
Chuffed to bits for you

Take Care

Thats brilliant news.  Well done kitty.  Wonder how many of his nine lives he has used up during those ten months.

Good news Lootus

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