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Carrying Boxes ! I'm in the dog house again.

We had three of the plastic Argos like carrying boxes, 'had' being the operative word. Over the last six months, all three of them have slowly disappeared as I've leant them out to various people never to return. :smt103
They've left our place normally containing chickens and now we need one.

Our cat is allergic to flea bites. We try and keep on top of the problem but every now and then we have to take her to the vets for a good de fleaing and a jab of steroids to clear her manky coat.

Not a sign of a carrying box this morning and I'm to blame The cat will have to go to the vets tomorrow and kaz will have to nip out from work and get a new one from Argos. Priced at just under 8.00 they are well worth it. Do you think its worth me asking her to get me few extra for the chicken season ? :: :: ::

Methinks you may well be pushing yer luck mate! :-)

Me or Gaz could solve you moggy problem mate. :smt103

I think they're even cheaper than that in wilkinsons Bodger
cheers chris

We haven't got a Wilkinsons anywhere near here :sad10:

Bloomin' 'eck. 8.50 sounds pretty cheap to me.
I paid about 40 quid from Petsmart and monster cat still broke out of it on the way back from the cattery.
I had to phone for reinforcements because he insisted on sitting on the dashboard and the carrybox was trashed!

Jesus seabird what cat have you got a leopard ::
cheers chris

Only a rescue moggy but BIG cat. Catches rabbits and helps me round up the ponies. (I think he worries sheep when I'm not looking)
Looking at Super's photos I think he goes down there on his days off for a kip.

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