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Carpet on top of slate floor

Any advice would be gratefully received.

We live in a rented house and it has lovely slate flooring throughout the downstairs, which is open plan. However, I really don't like slate flooring. We cannot damage the slate, such as putting a leveller etc on.

We would like to carpet over the top and have the following questions.

1. Can we just lay carpet over the top - putting a good quality underlay underneath? Would the ridges of the slate (not too proud) show through if we picked a slightly raised carpet pattern?

2. Best way to secure the carpet?

3. How do we do the finish at the kitchen area?

Thank you!

If the slate's pretty level, you might get away with a decent 'bubblewrap' type underlay if you're putting a really thick carpet down? Trouble is, you'll probably find it will indeed show the joins between the slate tiles after a short while.................

No expert, but I'd be tempted to lay a temporary floor of 10 or 15mm chipboard (flooring grades have tongue & groove joins), using silicon or mastic to spot-anchor it. Then lay your underlay & carpet over the top of that?

You can finish it with a standard door strip screwed into the chipboard  

Yes, that's a good plan. I shall think about that. Thanks.    

Might turn out not to be the best way, but I thought it was worth a shot  

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