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Carp fishing this afternoon.....

I had an afternoon at a new water today, a place someone had told me about. I done a little research via the internet and found out the water held carp to 28lbs, so with an idea in my mind as to how I would approach the session I loaded the appropriate kit and off I went.

As the water had bait restrictions, ie no boilies, which is my usual and preferred bait, I took peparami and sweetcorn, which are suitable for use on a hair rig.

To say I was disappointed is an understatment......nothing but tiny carp all afternoon, the biggest was no more than 5lb. Lovely fish if you were using the right tackle but on carp rods not much fun.

On the bright side, I'll be going back armed with barbel rods and light line. Sorry I have no pictures but it absolutely chucked it down....I got soaked, mobile got soaked, camera got soaked and I didnt want to chance breaking it.

Not good mate

I've only ever been carp fishing once..................caught one about the same size as yours. Must admit I fancy getting a decent one on the right tackle though!

Not sure I could do a lot of it though. Just not my cup of tea, really. I much prefer a more dynamic approach to my fishing. I love wandering about the riverbank, trying my luck with a fly rod in every wee eddy & pool  

Better luck next time but it sounds as though you still had an enjoyable day.

Bodger....Was nice to be out and about to be honest

WS.....I enjoy the technical side of carping. Its odd that I'm quite an impatient sort but will sit happily through a carp session of 48 hours with mo trouble at all. I do break it up with a more pro-active side to the sport when after barbel, chub and pike etc.

Had some fun banking an 11.5lb Carp. I was on Roach gear.
Had a good audience but wasn't too keen on all the "helpful" advice though.  

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