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Normally I am not a flower grower at all.
I was given a lovely bunch of carnation for mothers day. Shoots came up from the stems and so I decided to have a go and plant the shoots in some potting soil.So I planted about 20 shoots one in each pot and then  also planted about 15 stems.
With my surprise they are lovely and have started growing,This encouraged me to look for information about it and I was amazed  to see that it really works.I am now looking for my family to buy me carnations in different colours on a regular bases and see if I can repeat the exercise.
I wonder if anyone else has tried that and actually got carnation,also if the carnation come out of the same colour.

Yes I have done this in the past I have also done it with pinks and planted them in the garden and had a lovely show

I've had success with this in the past too  

cuttings are cuttings whatever the plant and they should allways duplicate the parent exept flowering time as some are forced into flowering for a certain time

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