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carbolic soap

i can remember, my mother, washing me down with a big block of it ,i never liked the stuff. can you still buy the soap,one block would last for months,and it would smell like strong disinfectant.

Have a look here. A few old but good brand names too.

You can still get it. We were selling it in the shop until 12 months ago. There's a factory in lancashire that still makes it. Fantastic stuff.

Not when it was applied by Nan to a grubby little boy using a scrubbing brush.  

I love the smell of it - mind you when I worked in a garden centre I used to sniff the tarred string! We had it when I was little - that and a big block of Fairy green laundry soap. Both seemed to last an eternity. Love Lizzie

It smells of primary school!  Abinger Hammer primary school..

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