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Carabiner Cover

I found this carabiner in the 25 cents bin at a yard sale.  It was covered with a foam pad which I was told was to deaden the sound of metal rings hitting the carabiner.  The pad was rather nasty so I cut it off and did some half hitching.  I buried the ends of the cord (#24 cotton seine twine) under the hitching.  If I was told correctly about the purpose of the pad it really works.  


Here is how I hid the ends
Tie overhand knot around ring, short tag end.  Pull down tag end parallel to ring.

Tie half hitch around ring and tag end.  Pull tight.

Continue half hitching until desired length.  Tie at least 4 loose half hitches reeve Working End through these hitches.  

Starting with loop in top center (second loose loop).  One at a time.  Tighten the remaining loops (four in all)

Pull working end and trim

Half hitching is useful for covering all sorts of things

knife sheath tied around cardboard tube

Handle for tool box

Half hitches are very useful too, we use them often when pulling loads as easy to get off but stay tight while pull is on

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