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car scrappage

Met a pal this morning showing off his brand new Nissan Micra, which he got for about £6000.
We stared at my rather oldVauxhall Estate and chatted about the pros and cons of trading in to make use of the scrappage.

Now, I aint loaded, but my car is due an MOT next month, and I pay £200 a year road tax.  If I got a diesel Nissan Micra the road tax is £35 per year, an I dont need an MOT for 3 years.  My old astra isnt going to keep going forever............  I could also get my teachers bursary to pay for it.

Any ideas?

Think you would be looking at a bit more than£6000 under the scrapage scheme , unless you got the petrol one . also worth looking at the fiat panda 1.1 eco at just £5000  well worth it  but you also need to check delivery as it may be as long as 10 weeks

OH has a problem with certain cars,................, Fiat, Ford are just two.  I have to abide by his wishes

But will definately look about.

lorraine we have both, a fiat seicento, and a ford mondeo, the one i drove down to you in........and honestly, no trouble from either of them......

this will be my 7th fiat, always gone for a newer better model each time, the only prob i had with one several years ago was it had to be recalled because at time of manufacture the petrol tanks were faulty......had courtesy car for 2 days while said tank was sorted, and never had any bother with it.


Jnr. got £2k. scrappage against a Renault Megane Coupe.

I'd go for a new used car. With a new one, you lose thousands as soon as you drive off the forecourt.
We let someone else take the knock and bought a 10 month old Fiesta diesel. It does around 54 miles to the gallon, is £35.00 a year to tax  and touch wood, it continues to do the job for us. I think that the scrappage allowance maybe a bit of a con.

So far, looked at Kia Rio (in tescos car park), Nissan Micra and Skoda.  I quite like the Skoda but think at £8300 its a lo of money(thats with the scrappage).
green man

Definitely go for a low mileage used car best value going.

Yep, save way more waiting a year and letting the car do a few thousand miles

I've heard that some dealers are experiencing a shortage of 2nd hand cars, due to the scrappage scheme, and that is forcing the price of 2nd hand cars up!!!

I would have thought it would push prices down.

If a new car is 10k then one a few years old will be say 8k

So If that 10k car is now 8k the few year old one will be 6k

I think he might be talking his prices up.

It might affect the really low end run abouts but there are still plenty of them available, just take a peek on ebay & autotrader.

Oh & I would not buy a (good) car round here as they are LOTS more money than going further a field. Even with travelling costs you can save thousands.


No the scrappage is distorting the market so you may well pay the same for a small car thats a year old with 5k+ on the clock as a new one under the scheme . Dont forget its not that many people who drive 10 year plus cars that are in the market for an 8k plus car and if they do then they tend to keep them for a long time .  You may also find that the new cars also qualify for £35 road tax no mot for three years

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