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Car Insurance

I was just about to renew my car insurance with the same company (after checking out go compare and moneysupermarket) at 50 dearer than last year    when the pleasant lady on the phone asked if I had noticed that the excess had also risen from 250 to 600 this year
I went back to the price comparison website and took more notice of the excesses demanded - I must admit that I have never really taken much notice of them
There were 2 more reasonable quotes but the first one would not let me access their website to apply online and wanted 10 extra to take out the policy on the phone  so the 2nd one got the business - 100 compulsory excess and only 30 dearer than last year.

It really is shocking Kaz, I went through the same process a few weeks ago.  

But now DD is about to take her driving test   Over 1000 to insure her.  I think the Pass Plus test might bring it down a bit though.

Every year i have the same argument, my insurance goes up by 50 of so but i havent (touch wood) had an accident or done anything to make the rise justified. I know that its the fault of a lot of unscrupulous drivers, but it does annoy me. I end up going on their website and checking what it would be. Then i phone the ins company and advise them to refund the difference or i go else where. It works but is a real pain to have to go through these hoops every year.


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