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canon film camera

My uncle has a camera which he is looking rehome due to his ill health. It is a Canon eos 650 which cost around 400 new in the 80s.  It comes with a bag, and a case of lenses. It has hardly been used.
Is there a market for it? We're looking on ebay, but I wondered if anyone here might know of a photography site we could offer it on?  Money isn't the major factor, my uncle would just like someone to enjoy it.
Any suggestions gratefully received,
Thanks, Boo

But if you've been looking on ebay you will have an idea of price of the camera, only the top end pro models from the age of film have retained any value. But the lenses, particularly if they are decent Canon ones may still be worth something as they will work on current generation EOS cameras.

Thank you for your advice, sorry for the lack of reply.

Dad managed to sell the camera on ebay for about 100 I think, which my uncle was very pleased with.  He's also managed to sell a very old plate camera and an assorted bag of fishing tackle for him, total haul about 300.

No problem, pity I didn't know about the plate camera, love large format stuff!

Definatly with you on that one dtalbot

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