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Can it really have been that long ago?

Can it really be that long ago?  On this day in 1991, Bryan Adams made chart history with  'Everything I Do, I Do It For You' It had just had its twelfth consecutive week at number one in the UK charts.
I went to the cinema, heard the song, saw the film, sniggered at the American accents and loved it all.
That year we dragged the kids around what remains of Sherwood forest, bought them bows and arrows and tried our best to get enthusiastic about Nottingham Castle. It can't be twenty one years ago, how could it?

Some people take the mickey out of the Bryan Adams song but I unashamedly love to hear it when its played on the radio.

Add to that we have only in the past week 50yrs since the first Bond film and the Beatles first hit..Love me do.....

The list seems to bigger and longer....Is get that the reality of getting older?

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