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Can it be too hot?

I know that we moan about the weather but I have plants in my greenhouse ready to plant out but it is toooooo hot - I'm sure that they would just wither and die
Oh well, I'm sure that we will be back to normal soon    

you should be putting them outside to harden off leave them outside all day until the sun goes down then put them back into the greenhouse for the night just remember if you are not an early riser it can get too hot by 8.30 in the morning

We went from 12*C and constant light to moderate rain on Tuesday (and for the previous 60 days) to the current dry spell of 23*C.

Ironically, on Wednesay evening we started watering plants in the garden, and have done so everyday since.  

The plants have been acclimatised but it is just too hot to do the transition from snug in pots to planted out in this heat

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