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Can Anyone Advise???

Unfortunately where me and the Gypo are living at the moment are terms and conditions on the rental are "NO PETS"  :xcry: because the landlord (very good one I must add) has allot of land and treats it as a nature reserve because we have Badgers here etc.
We love it here but me and Gypo the main thing that was (is) our lives where animals.

Richie is going to ask him about renting a small bit of his land so we can get a few goats eventually. But we have been looking into getting a African Pygmy Hedgehog as an addition to our home as we can no longer keep reptiles in the space we have. We have done our research but has anyone on here ever kept these little critters? advice from anyone would be great! (hopefully the landlord will let us keep one :xconfused: )    

We have been looking into keeping a Jackdaw if we cant have the hedgehog (Rich has lifetime experience of keeping/breeding/showing birds as well as wild rescue birds he had a "Pet" Crow for years  :xshock: )

We are aware their are breeders out there but tracking them down is proving to be a major problem can anyone help in this matter also???



(edited cos I must add if we had a young Jack it would not be caged )

Yep i can   suprise suprise

Got some webbies of peeps that breed them so will give them to you when we next chat!

Lisa x

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