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Can anyboody remember.....

....that TV programme called 'The Mad Death'...?

Was about rabies if my mind serves correctly....and had some spooky music to go with it....didn't a fox spread it about....?  

I was young, I know that!

 The only one I can remember was spread by a Siamese (I think) cat that was smuggled into the country by an old lady, that ended up being run over and a fox ate the remains thus starting the whole thing off, cant remember what the programe was called though, soz.

Same programme, smuggled cat.  It was very good I remember

Now you mention it, I vaguely CAN remember something like that!

Not me.

I remember it. Frightened the BeJeezus out of me. Love Lizzie

I was 12 I think...and yeah, it was on Saturday night....and reaallllllyyyyy scaaarrrryyyyy....!

They might show it again on UKGold..and I'll watch it and say....

' this it? What a tame programme....'..

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