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Camrosa ointment

Anyone use it?? Ive heard goods and bads about it - and its wickedly expensive. Mare has a wound on her heel bulb which is proving a right s*d to clear up. I like the idea it is waterproof and fly repellent ( she is out all day). Aloe jelly, sudacrem and various other creams have failed to heal it - its 6 weeks down the line and still an open wound as its just on the join between hoof and coronet band. Impossible to stop it cracking open as every movement opens it up again Love Lizzie
chicken feed

mum has used it on both goats and dogs with excellent results.

dont tell her but i have used some of hers on the pigs from time to time with good results too.

Have used it on my boy when he had mud fever with really good results.

Well.....It Works!!Expensive but the best skin healing cream/ointment I have ever tried. Horrendous overreach/ abcess is now a distant memory Love Lizzie

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