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camillitechs blog

hi guys,

i've been keeping a diary for 20 years and have never actually got round to reading any of them icon_rolleyes.gif  i forgot to buy one this year so thought i'd give this a go and if i can find any of my old diaries i might even put some of those entries in :smt103  i must add that i have not got a clue wot i'm doing  i'ts the day to day doings of an accidental crofter at the north end of Raasay off Skye.

cheers, paul

Looking good, Paul!

I really enjoyed reading that blog  (I don't know how you can find the time to keep it so up to date)

Thanks Bex,

it really takes far too long an a cr4py dial up connection at the expense of spending time on here with my mates :sad10:

Cheers, Paul

What a fabulous blog.
Your lifestyle sounds like something I would enjoy for a 2 week holiday in the sun but too much hard work in the winter/this weather.
I hope that the internet lets you keep the blog going

Thanks Dani,

just wish I could get broadband out here then I could spend a bit more time on OTG. It's 21:50 now and it's taken me almost 3 hours to do tonights post with all the dropped connections and photo's :q52:  ah the joys of living in the sticks :q37:

Cheers, Paul

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