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green man

camera action!

Got myself a 2nd hand cheap minidv recorder from ebay for 51+10 postage hopefully it will get here soon, I thought if it comes in time it would be lovely to get some film of Nelly giving birth and also a development diary of the pups -so now I am trying to find out all about them, thats how I discovered the "ehow" web pages , the mention of the need for a  firewire  in one of the crits confused me but thanks to this "ehow site " I know enough about them to know I might need one :q28: find my link to "ehow" in "useful links" :-)

Cool, my middle daughter has one of these
(cost me less than that new when Amazon were clearing their stocks!)
I'm very impressed with the quality of the film and sound recording it manages for somthing so tiny and an hour of its top quality video fits onto a 2GB sd card so a very uesful little gadget.

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