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Cambodia 2 Angkor

I vaguely knew that Angkor Wat was a famous temple in Cambodia and it was the purpose of my visit .

I never realised the scale of the  development until now and even though I have lots of pictures I do not think that collectively they do justice to the Angkor complex which is breathtaking on two levels.

One is sheer size ( I read somewhere that there is more stone than in the great Pyramid in Egypt) and secondly the exquisite carving in stone.

The following is an extract from Wiki
The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale from nondescript piles of brick rubble scattered through rice fields to the magnificent Angkor Wat, said to be the world's largest single religious monument.

This is an aerial view of Angkor Wat - please bear in mind that the moat is wider than the length of two football pitches.

This is a ground level picture of the moat

This is a picture of a stone record of the story behind the complex inside the building . This Bayeaux Tapestry equivalent is about 2 metres tall and 50 metres long- just one example of the carving.In total the bas-reliefs inside the outer gallery of the pyramid, including the western corner pavilions, shelter the most precious treasures of Angkor Wat, reliefs in a total length of more than 600 m. They depict narrative scenes from mythology and history.  

It goes on forever-

I will put some more pics up later

Couple more pics but they do not do it justice.


more pics- There are 2000 Diva Carvings
This is a sample


This is from the Bayon Complex Part of Angkor but a few miles from Angkor Wat.

The carved heads in this pic remind me of Olmecs in South America

Grandma Bodger

what a magnificent place you would need a few visits to take it all in thank goodness for cameras  

Its on my bucket list!!! Thanks for all the lovely photos, Lizzie

Grandma Bodger wrote:
what a magnificent place you would need a few visits to take it all in thank goodness for cameras  

Yes- I hope this pic comes out ok .
The centre temple on top row is Bayon which we visited and the centre temple on the second row is Angkor Wat.
I saw 2 others -forgotten their names- and missed all the rest.


Great trip  

Wow! What a place!
Thanks for sharing  

Wow   what an amazing trip you had.

mrs tiggywinkle

  brilliant photos.

Article in daily mail how they built it

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