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Cambodia 1

I have reached the stage of my life when I realise that my time is getting shorter and there are things to do and see before I die.
The border crossing is a  very busy place and it is  apparent that Cambodia is poorer than Thailand. It was like stepping back in time with barefooted porters pushing/pulling large hand carts with heavy loads through the crossing .There were some  large French colonial  buildings with big balconies but now very faded from their former glory.

Tuk Tuk -motorbike taxi

Border entry

Very poor boat people


The last couple of pics were to set the scene for the next bit and story.

I took a trip on a flat bottomed wide boat on a large stretch of water more like an inland sea. I had been warned there were beggars and not to give anything otherwise a pack would descend in a feeding frenzy.
The day was warm and a nice cooling breeze was generated by the chugging six cylinder diesel engine- I was relaxed just enjoying myself even though I was the only Westerner on the boat the Thais were friendly.

We were about a mile out when I heard the engine miss a beat then stop altogether. A sound I had heard on the farm I grew up on - out of diesel.
Never mind it was nice on the water. The helmsman started fiddling with the engine.
Not particularly concentrating but my subconscious self heard a little engine and boat pulling alongside so I took a picture

Suddenly I was awaken from my meditation - the people on the little boat were totally focused on me - As the only westerner I stood out like a sore thumb.
One dollar a child shouted to me.
Suddenly I realised he had a bl--dy  big snake- I absolutely loath snakes they make my skin crawl.
I immediately recoiled in a mixture of revulsion and fear to the other side of the boat which by now had shrunk to feel as wide as the Oxford/Cambridge rowing boat.
Now  the child cried out  sounding menacing One Dollar.
By now I could feel that every orifice was tightening.

Just then I heard the sound of another little craft behind me but I did not look until I heard the dreaded cry of One Dollar from behind me

This time there were two bl--dy snakes and one looked big enough to eat me.
By now I was in imminent danger of an accident in my pants and was frozen into immobility otherwise I would have kicked the children.
I was standing there stepping rapidly from one foot to the other when the 6 cylinder diesel sprung onto life and we were off away from the horrible snakes.  Whew was I glad.
I took this pic back on the landing pier



Our Martin obviously like Thailand. He flew back there from Australia this week for a few more weeks.
chicken feed

love the photo's  

Looks like a good time was had by all great pics

That crocodile looks as though it is living on the house

Do you think that the children use the snakes as a novelty value for tourists or just for intimidation?

By the looks of it Kaz they use them for intimidation.  I would have just given them the money as I have a fear of snakes especially big ones  

Great pictures by the way.

kaz wrote:
That crocodile looks as though it is living on the house

Do you think that the children use the snakes as a novelty value for tourists or just for intimidation?

I think it is a mixture of circus/fairground novelty value and intimidation.
I do not think it is likely that anybody would want to pose with them or buy them.
As Scottie says I would have given them the money but I had been warned not to as that would set off a mugging exercise on a grand scale by 5 year olds !

Kaz-Thinking about it again maybe they had understood the meaning of the lyrics from 10cc Dreadlock Holiday

Well he looked down at my silver chain
He said I'll give you one dollar
I said You've got to be jokin' man
It was a present from me Mother
He said I like it I want it
I'll take it off your hands
And you'll be sorry you crossed me
You'd better understand that you're alone
A long way from home

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