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Calves Liver

Just been for a trip to a wonderful local butcher's I have found and have picked up some fresh calves liver for dinner tomorrow night.

Any T & T recipes out there that anyone wants to share?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry I am not good with quantities being more of an "intuitive" cook, but basically  

Chopt shallots or mild onion sweated in butter
add sliced mushrooms
then liver, but cook just until pink
Add double cream lemon juice and parsley and salt and pepper

You can add grain mustard as well, but I often don't bother, the main thing is that the liver is only just cooked through when it is served, and ideally should be just a little "pink" in the middle, then it will be beautifully tender.  Overcook it and it is tough and leathery, and a bit bitter.

I vaguely remember I got the recipe out of one of Elizabeth David's books, back in the 1970's but I have been cooking it so long I don't bother with a recipe.

All the best

That sounds good Sue but I'm thinking the cream will make it a bit too rich for OH - he's not really a "creamy sauce" with meals kind of person unfortunately.

However, thinking about it, I could add the cream to just my bit  

I think thats a good idea - it just makes the dish milder.  Just add a bit to yours, don't tell him the difference, then get him to try a bit, you never know he might be a convert.  -  Not of course, that I would try to convert anyone to anything, but sometimes its nice to try just in case you are missing out on something.  

Having milked my own Jersey house cow for many years a lot of my recipes contain cream  

all the best

PS, the other thing is a few drops of a good balsamic vinegar instead of the cream.

darkbrowneggs wrote:

Having milked my own Jersey house cow for many years

I misread that..................

I was almost going to ask a question about milking Jersey 'horses'    

Unfortunately (for him), he's started finding creamy dishes and cream itself too rich over the last five years or so.  Doesn't bother me though as that's all the more for me     It's not that he doesn't like it, he just find it sits in his stomach awkwardly if you know what I mean.  I won't force him to try it - don't want him stealing any of my dinner  

There is a liver loaf that is made here using corn meal as the rusk.  The texture and the flavor is wonderful.  I don't have the recipe but have been trying to duplicate it but haven't yet.  It is wonderful though.  When and if I ever figure out how I'll be sure to share it.

Well I think I've finally decided what I'm going to do . . . .

coat the liver in seasoned flour and pan fry in butter until still pink in the middle then it'll be kept warm whilst I fry some chopped shallots in the same pan then deglaze with Madeira and reduce.  This will be poured over the liver and it'll be served with buttery mashed potatoes, griddled baby leeks and carrot batons.

It's such a shame we can't get smellynet or tastynet.  This truly is delicious and comes highly recommended  

Sounds good.

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