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Rick & Carol

calling ceredigion beekepers

Any experienced beekeepers on OYG nearish to me? I've done a course some few years back, got the hive etc and now we're settled we're looking to get the buzzing girls to go with it. I've got the local club details but if theres a OTG local that I could enlist as a mentor that would be great

My recommendation would be to contact the local or regional section of the National Beekeepers Association.

Lois & I joined the Norfolk branch as associate members last October, and our 15.00 associate membership fee will be deducted from our first full annual membership fee of 34.00 when we become full members. However, we will have do this before March is out to qualify for the free 2 million public liability insurance.

The Norwich arm of the Norfolk Beekeepers Association has taken the two of us under their wing for the last couple of months, and we have been introduced to and had a go at winter and routine hive and colony maintenance.

For the last week Keith & Kevin (both retired gentlemen) have been making 8 National 11 frame Beehives in our garden from reclaimed pallet wood. We will have 2 of these hives, as will both Keith and Kevin, with the final 2 hives will be donated to the Norwich B-K association for sale to help raise funds.

I have supplied all of the wood and required hardware, along with the lunchtime toasty sandwiches and tea/coffee. It has cost me around 25-30 to supply all of the required nails, screws, roof felt, etc. to make the 8 hives, and my pallet dismantling bar has been kept busy reclaiming the timber from approx. 80 pallets, but we get 2 X 11 frame national bee hives ready to go, 2 colonies of accredited disease free bees, support, mentoring and assistance for as long as we want, and I get to keep the all the beehive timber cutting and assembly jigs we have made.


I'm vice chairman of Carmarthenshire Beekeepers (doesn't mean I'm experienced just no one else wanted to do it). we don't do mentoring as such just teaching at our club apiary in Carmarthen during the summer with more experienced members on the end of a phone if needed. We also have winter meetings at a local pub.

Our next meeting is on Monday 4th Feb which is our (delayed) annual honey and related crafts show. You'd be most welcome to come along.

Drop me a PM with your address and I can send you a copy or our current printed news letter or it's available on the following website.

The honey show is an informal get together and is member judged so if you come along you can have a go and taste some honey and honey cake.  

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