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Bantam cock


Could we have a Calender, that could be added to by all and sundry.
Dates for shows could be put on there so that you don't have to trawel through endless posts that some have hijacked before finding info you want.
All the approximate sowing dates could be put up for those interested in growing thing so it would be useful for beginers or those whohave not tried a perticular veg fruit etc ?

when to sow ?

Early spuds, Parsnip seeds, when to spray apple trees?

It would be something I'd use alot.

We did have a calendar at one time but it was hardly used (just for birthdays etc) and faded away.
What do other people think?
green man

If you look at the top of the grow your own you will see there is a gardeners calendar already , and some place there is a show dates calendar as well -we will try to find it for you.
Bantam cock

Yes I can see the gardeners calender and the whats on but both are long winded.
I was thinking of a proper calender with squares on that have a month at a time just short entries, any long descritions could be put elsewher in the proper forums.
So at a glance you could see that the midland game fair is on also need to get a pint for bodgers birthday and mulch your rhubarb.
one page one glance info.

We could try it again, as long as people were prepared to use it.
Captain Cockerel


The calendar's a good enough idea but not, I'm afraid, much use for everyone when it comes to gardening/sowing etc. I would be sowing things much later up here than someone in Wales for example.


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