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Cable pulling

I have a few cables to pull through an 80mm ducting.

Roughly about 25m for each duct. Up to 5 cables of various sizes in each duct. I know you can the proper stuff but for a one off what else could I use that wont affect the cables in any way.

I am hoping that a typical household product will do the job.

Things I have

washing up liquid (green bio type)
animal internal inspection lube
baby oil (but I am sure thats a big no)
oils & greases (again sure thats a no)
hand / skin cream


If you haven't already got a cord inside the ducting to draw the cable through then a Ferret is a very good start ....... I am not kidding in anyway as they are often used by the telecomms and electrial industries to get the first draw cord into a length of ducting.

As for lubing the other cables I would guess that petroleum jelly would be as good as anything.

I would be tempted to run the cables in one at a time, with the cable also pulling in the draw cord for the next cable...... probably a lot easier than trying to do them all at once.

I put a rope in before the duct went into the ground so dont need a ferret.

I would have thought that petroleum jelly would not be good in contact with plastics as they are also a petro chemical product.

Would also be quite messy trying to work with the cable once its been greased up.

Installing one at a time could be a good way to do it. Best get some more rope (or pinch the washing line lol).

You could try soaking a household sponge in washing up liquid, then 'plug' the opening to the ducting & passing the cables through as they enter?

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