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Cabbage White Butterflies

These things give me a lot of trouble. Some years ago I took this picture of a caterpillar on a cauliflower leaf.

The caterpillar was still alive but quite unwell. My guess was that the grubs had emerged through what looked like exit holes and pupated.
A few weeks ago I put one such cluster of cocoons in a jar. Dozens of tiny wasp like insects only a few mm. long have hatched but unfortunately my camera is not able to take macros.
The caterpillar has had dozens of eggs laid in it, been eaten alive and finally had exit holes bored in it. I should feel sorry for them but can't find it in myself to feel any pity.

Parasitic wasps can be bought and used in greenhouses etc for pest control

  Great thing to see, but havn't seen many here this year which is very strainge    

Apparently the wet summer last year damaged the butterfly population severely.

My cat will be disappointed he loves jumping around trying to catch them (not very successfully)

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