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c for charlie cat

this is charlie..........

i dont really like cats, but we thought he might be good in the firld to keep little visitors away.....
he is only 4 weeks old, but the farmer literally dropped him out of his barn loft to me, saying ' if you dont take him, the dogs will get him '' what could i do..... :-)

he is definately ferral....scrams like a good un.....

I'm suprised you can get that close to her :-)
Is she weaned at that age?

that's soooo young to be taken from his mother, poor little scrap. very cute though.

i know.......she was soooo small as you can see...she sat in the palm of my hand, and i am only 5 foot so i have small

yeah he was weaned...just....mum scarpered as mike went into the loft, and there were 3 kittens there......

sadly as suspected when i saw him 3 weeks later and said that the kitten was doing fine, he told me that the other two had been attacked by his dogs...... :sad10:

he is on a very isolated farm on the mountain, and does have a lot of things taken or destroyed by vandals......or did do......he now has 5 guard dogs ( GSD's ) running in his yard that attack anything......when we visit, we stay in the jeep and beep the horn so he can put the dogs away..... :-)
i wouldn't take a chance on getting out while they are loose.

charlie is doing great and has grown a lot in 3 weeks. this weekend he is coming up the fields with us so he can get his bearings, we have made a nice little place for him so he will be warm and dry. he will come up there everyday with us til he decides he wants to stay.....he is getting wilder everyday now and we cannot really get close to him anymore although he is still only 7 weeks old.
he attacks toes, hands, heads and hides most of the time behind or under things. we forget he is there until all of a sudden he attacks ! and it hurts... :q28: :q28:

I'm glad he's doing well. It sounds like he's a right little character.

well as you can see charlie has grown..... he still is not up the field full time yet, but he practises his pouncing skills on us...from the landing at the top of the stairs........ :: ...bless...... :angry4:


What startling eyes :smt103
They can be incredibly playful can't they but they never lose the hunting instinct. Our cat is 8 now and if we leave a box on the floor she will ambush us from inside it everytime we walk past :-)

aww kaz....

i must admit, i never really liked cats...BUT....this little chap is now part of the family.....

he cracks me up in the OH is suited and booted ready for the office and charlie takes great delight in running up his trouser legs....he never does it any other time tho.......guess he dont like the suit.... ::

he is pretty wild i must admit, but it is beginning to look like he might be staying around the house with us....much to the dogs does not like him at all and i swear would eat him for breakfast, another just wants to play with him and the othe just ignores him......he has not taken to the field yet even tho he has spent all day up there with me......oh well such is life....

As a kitten, our cat use to go under the settee and stick its paws up between the cushions to claw ya bum :smt103 She made me spill many a bowl of cornflakes as I was sitting cross legged in the morning :-) :-)

OUCH !!!! :q28:
Richard Bailey

Thought I would re-invigerate this old one!

Our cat is called Charlie too, but she is a girl.... excuse me... A Lady!

She assumed command of us some 7 or 8 years ago, after her previous servants did a moonlight flit! Yup it's true they were renting a small cottage in our (former farmyard and barns development) courtyard, in which they had 7 cats and 2 big dogs. One night they just disappeared, owing rent obviously, and shut all the windows and doors, leaving the cats inside without food or water.

All were re-homed and this is our little treasure whose demands must be met at all times.

Actually she is lovely and we get so much pleasure from her, plus she sorted out the rat problem when we bought this house.

green man

Ooooooo she is very thin,    

Lovely lady .  

I had a cat that was named Charlie too, althought it was a she. It was nearly 30 years ago. I loved that cat, she was my best friend en family.

Ouch your Charlie looks like a typical male-cat, those eyes of his, look out for him, he looks like playing and attacking everything he can reach for...

but he looks very nice and healthy, and happy...

I love cats too.
Many years ago a Chinkie it Limehouse did a very nice curry. :evil9:
Richard Bailey

Hi Lootus, I have told Charlie that, for some reason, you think she is a 'he' she is outraged and has found out where you live and she is going to come and take one of your children!    

This child will then be handed over to Bazzer who will probably turn it into a Children Tikka Massalla!

Hi Richard,

I know your Charlie is a she, but Charlie of mogs is a he...
And I don't have children...

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