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Bye Bye Boys

I'm feeling a bit sad today.  
I've given the pigs their last feed this afternoon.
They are off to meet their maker in the morning.
I love keeping them, watching them and then at the end of it all enjoy eating them.  
But I'm always sad when they have to go.

It always gets me when I send them off and then I have a look at my feed bills. Enjoy the fruits of your labours.
Dave C

The final meal  
Will feel strange coming home with an empty trailer.
But very exciting when you go to pick up the meat  

We have the easy way just "BANG" then do the rest an off to butcher, if we get home kill man in then he shoots it takes it away and brings it back how we like it so ours are eating last meal at that time.
Rick & Carol

I know where you're coming from, like Sod we have a home kill but the day before seems very final as we lock them up prior to finishing the following day & the holding seems very empty afterwards

Well they have gone, no trouble, straight into the trailer, 15 mins later straight out and into the abattoir. So well behaved  
I've been walking round today and subconsciously thinking I have forgotten to do something, it's feed the pigs.

They had a good life here and I know that the pork will be fantastic.  

I'm a couple of months post having pigs and it just doesn't feel right not having them. I'm busy scheming to get some more.

Like I said before John, get yourself some weaners.
It's almost as good as breeding your own, not quiet as rewarding, but with a lot less long term commitment and the pork is just as good.

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