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buying apple trees

Hi All (though Bodger, its you I have in mind)..

When I met you mentioned that you may be putting in ano order for apple trees to plant this winter, and you suggested that (A) you had some good relationships and (B) that it may be best if we bought in with you?

We will probably be buying forty or more real fruit trees, thiough we may also want some hedging and rootstocks as well.

I'd really appreciate peoples opinion on where and what to buy.



HI Matt,
I'll be buying a hundred trees from Frank Matthews Nursery in Tenbury this year, so there wont be a problem if you want to tag your order onto mine and we'll be able to save on the combined postage. I last bought from them about 3 years ago and at that time, the trees cost me 4.95 p each. What's more, they were good quality maidens and there was also a wide variety to choose from. Feel free to contact me, I'll PM you my number.

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