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On this day in 1980 Billy Butlin of Butlins Holiday camp fame died. He opened the first Butlins camp at Skegness on 11th April 1936. Do you have fond memories of family holidays in wonderful 'Skeggy' or any of the other camps that he opened? If you do, then tell us about your experiences.
When we first moved to this area, I actually got a job at Pwllheli Butlins. It had once been a camp used by the navy and at the time that I worked there in the late 80's, it still kept a flavour of the war years and although it was pretty run down by then, the punters were still flocking to the camp for its special brand of holiday experience.

Incidentally, that first camp in Skegness was officially opened by Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

We went to Butlins Pwllheli when I was about 6, I think it was there that I was sick on the big wheel.

Never been myself but my ex-husband and his mate had several free holidays at Butlins when they were young by winning the Table Tennis Tournaments

My existance is a result of Billy Butlin!
No, I am not his son and heir!  
My mum and dad met each other at Pwllheli Butlins.
Mum and her best freind were on their first holiday without thier parents.
Dad was on leave from the army.
A year later they married aged 20 and 19!

I came along 4 years later.

Incidentally, Johnny Ball was a red coat there, and my mum still has an autographed photo of him in his redcoat as a memento of her holiday.

Butlins holidays were great, everyone got involved and los of friendships were made.

When I was about 20 we had a family day out at Butlins in Minehead, Somerwest World I think it was called.  None of us had been there before, and I cannot for the life of me think why we chose it.  My Dad and I were the only ones to go on any of the rides, the swimming pool was closed for repairs and we couldn't get any decent food!

We never did it again  

I still have a Butlins Bognor badge dated 1964 somewhere around the house.

My first time was 1969 at Skegie , FANTASTIC  !!! 3 young fit football players , we thought we were the bees knees, music was great , plenty dancing, drinking , new romance every night , i remember winning a competition for who could head the ball the most distance , i got a silly we medal , i gave it to girl i thought i was in love with   ( i'm sure it would have melted in her pocket !!) we promised to write every week to one another , i never heard from her again !!!!! it was real holiday camp stuff , HI-DI HI ! ------- HO-DI-HO , every day, There were no clocks anywhere , the idea was you were on holiday and not supposed to look at the time . After about 4 days we were getting pretty low on funds , and decided to go to the bookies on site and have a gamble ,we spent most of the morning trying to pick our winners , after much discussion we relented and let Wee Tommy go and put the bet on as he was the self appointed expert . He came back and told us the money was some horse we had never mentioned !!!!!! "Heathers Magic"  Fortune shone on us that day it won at 33/1  result 102   . the best holiday i ever had , still think about it to this day.

we went every year as a family when we were little in the 60s. We collected the badges from every place and had some fantastic times. We entered many of the competitions and had meals in the canteen. I was looking through the photos the other day and we to be enjoying ourselves
I  think the main attraction for our parents was the babysitting service that cycled around the camp so that the parents could go out at night. Thing is would you do that now?

It had once been a camp used by the navy

It was then H.M.S. Glendower. (Perhaps a reference to Owen, biggest Prince in Wales)

A Royal Navy Gunnery School.

Dad was there.

To you Dad, a safe mooring. Up Spirits.

Shore bases were and perhaps still are know as "Stone Frigates"

Dock Yard Maties children, sitting on a Dockyard Wall.
Watching their fathers doing sid all.
When they grow older thet'll be Dockyard Maties too.
Just like their fathers.
SID ALL TO DO!!!!!!!

An old Navy Song. Annon.

I  think the main attraction for our parents was the babysitting service that cycled around the camp so that the parents could go out at night

White Hanky tied to outside doorknob meant a tot asleep in chalet. Alone.

Me and some mates from chester and a lot of very nice bulgarians, two south african girls, some ex russian soldiers and a marine, latvians, lithuanians and poles landscaped the new Butlins they built in Skegness in around 1998.
It was a great job, the whole site was full of people from Angelsey and locals doing the ground works, which is how we found ourselves there. There was some interesting folk about. It was in the very early days of eastern european migration and we all had a great time working and hanging out together. I stayed on and did some of the groundworks when the landscaping was finished, whilst people were having their holidays around us. While the building works were on they had an off season Elvis impersonator working tidying the site, wearing quite a bit of his gear !

After that I had saved enough money to go to British Columbia and have an adventure.
While I was working there I found a Danish or Norwegian navy button in the ground on the old site, which made me wonder if it was used by the miltary during the war.

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