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Butchery course.

I've just managed to get my name down for a one day butchery course. It comes in at 120 but I've also wangled a 75% grant which brings it nicely down to 30. I'll try anything once and butchery is something I haven't tried before. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Is it for pig butchering only, or will you learn other animals as well?

Eta, I've never heard of such a grant here in the states, how'd you do/get that?

I'll be interested to hear what you think of it. My butchery experience comes from an on-line River Cottage course a few years ago and watching / helping / asking questions of the butcher who deals with my animals here. Although I can butcher my own Pigs and Sheep, it's quicker (and prettier) if a professional does it  

wow Bodger - thats more than we charge - good on the discount though - is it a hands on course?

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