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Butchers Block

OH has recently purchased a rather impressive   seemingly unused    but old   butchers block      the blocks have moved etc and it needs a little tlc to restore it    does anyone know where to start please

I don't but I'd be very interested to see pictures of the block and to hear what people suggest. It sounds as those you are really starting to cook with gas.

I'm sure I've seen somewhere that the individual blocks are bolted through from one side to the other. Might be a good starting point to see if yours has beenmade that way? With any luck it might be as simple as retightening the boltwork  

Hard to say without seeing exactly whats wrong with it.

My big block gets a big split in it if its not used for a while. I try to remember to oil it as much as I can to stop it. Closes up first time its used. I some times think about sticking some glue in the crack before getting it to close up but I am guessing it would just split in another place.

So keep it moist & dont store it in a hot dry place.

Pitures please......

If it is bolted all the way through it might be a good idea to replace the bolts.  If you google City Electrical Factors you'd be able to get some threaded bar suitible fro the job for a couple of qiuid as opposed to twenty at those robbing buggers B&Q

Olive oil is a winner for rubbing the wood down, obviously it's food grade and it will keep the wood moist.

Use stainless rods, nuts & washers if you do re bolt it.

he's just finished crawling around to see if we can see where its from.................S J Row and Sons     googled it and they're still making em

Camera at ready so we can post you some pics  there is quite a lot of movement in it  but from what's been said nothing that can't be fixed   thanks guys    have a look see   tell us what you think

Hmmm lets see if this works

3ft x 2ft It is bolted from both ways

Gareth i have access to 12mm stainless bolts and some large repair washers
Im hoping that if i back off the bolts and tap the blocks they should move back into place.

Justme            OH posted and replied            i think he assumed Gareth is the OTG mender of all things  

BTW    manuf May 1980

Yep that sounds like a plan

Tell you what though: I am looking forward to seeing the photos of the finished block; will you be sanding & oiling it?

Well sanded and oiled wood is a beauty to behold in my book.

No worries.

That block is fine get it cleaned & oiled & your sorted. It looks like it has hardly any wear at all. Mine is so worn its nearly half the thickness in some places. But it does hold the sides of meat on well.

am i to understand then Justme that a good sand/clean and reoil will settle any shrinkage/movement?    

btw     it has no wear from use at all just scuffs from being stood and stuff stood on it

Looking at the pic of the block i cant see any blocks out of place so im guessing its only a mm or 2, if thats the case i wouldnt worry about it, as you use and clean the block it will level out in quick order and be as good as new.
I would give it a quick light sand to get rid of anything that might of got on the surface and then you are good to go i reckon.
some for the blocks i used at college were more like bowls than tables they have been salt scrubbed so much in their lives  


Pilsbury has covered it well.

LadySlip wrote:
Justme            OH posted and replied            i think he assumed Gareth is the OTG mender of all things  

BTW    manuf May 1980

He is

That block looks very good.

Ah well only took 8 months  

Could still do with some more sanding and scraping but im sure with time it will look better. It took around a litre of block oil but at least the blocks have swelled back.

It has never been used manufactured April 1980 the thing is i have 2 pigs going in a couple of weeks so do i use it or not??    


Thats what you put the work into it for isn,t it

Slipster wrote:

It has never been used manufactured April 1980 the thing is i have 2 pigs going in a couple of weeks so do i use it or not??    

I can understand your reluctance but think how satisfying it will be to use it as it is intended to be used

Oh it looks great  

You must use it - in honour of your pigs  

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