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Busy Bees in our Garden

Our Bees from each of the 3 populated hives we have in the garden were extremely busy at lunchtime today. Keith and I are speculating that they are collecting the abundant Pollen from the currently flowering Himalayan Balsam and Ivy.

Interestingly enough we seem to be the only 2 local Beekeepers not to have embarked upon the winter feeding campaign yet.

Today Keith has succumbed to feeding his Bees, and most of the hives we have dotted about the city with sugar solution, and tomorrow he will feed the remainder. My 3 hives and 2 Nucs in the back garden are still working away diligently and furiously, so I am going to leave them undisturbed for a while longer........... probably until the day time temperature drops to 10*C , then I'll get a feeder on each of them straight away.

I have got 5 young, strong and vigorous Queens from this season in my hives and nucs, and they are all mild mannered colonies, so it would be a shame, nah! a crime to damage or harm them in any way.

My Bees are still busy in the garden.  At the moment the seasons seem to be all mucked up and on the playing field behind our house, the white Clover and Dandelions are flowering again. Here is another short video of my busy Bees in our garden: at about the 1 minute mark you can see all the dead drones underneath hive number 1. Most of these were ejected from the hive in a near starved to death condition yesterday and over night... it is natures way of ensuring that the colony makes it through the winter.

Apologies for the swear word at the 20 second mark... I got stung on the cheek.

Bees are very buzzy down here even lot of bumble bees working  

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