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Busy bees and wasps

Finally a dry sunny-ish day to get out and I got out with my camera too.

Some bees and wasps - but don't know any of their names, maybe a honey bee in there?  Will endeavour to get the book out and look ....

Busy, busy

Really good pictures, tell us about your camera and which settings you used if you will. I only said to kaz this morning that we are going to need a new camera and your pictures have proved the  point.

If you have any spare bees send them down this way please! We are sadly lacking!
Bantam cock

first three pictures are bees, two types of bumble.
the next three are types of hover fly.

Is that a honey bee on the far left on the fourth?

I like hover flies, especially the way they copy other insects.  Always use to say - 'Less bovver with a hover'  

It's a Pentax K110D (6 megapixels) - wrote a bit about it in photography section ....  I used a setting which is autofocus, fixes the speed but alters the aperture if necessary - so you need a bit of light, usually use that setting for running dogs/sports but since bees/flowers are never really still it's handy.

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