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Business doing something good

this was in our staff mag this month, it shows how a big company and make some small steps to making their impact smaller.
Oh yes and thats me in the first Pic


Any chance of you typing up the text Pilsbury so it's a bit easier for all to read?

I know some one would say that

From cooking oil to bio fuel
Cooking oil from our homes is now being turned into fuel to run the lorries that deliver to us. Waste cooking oil is collected from our homes by a company called ARROW Waste Oil.
The oil is now collected free of charge before being refined and made into bio diesel.
what happens then?
The fuel is then supplied back to 3663 and used to run their fleet of delivery vehicles that provide our homes with some of their fresh and frozen produce as well as supplies of cooking oil.
this may seem a small change but it demonstrates our commitment to enviromental issues. We'll continue to explore other ways we can recycle our waste on a national level.
One example is described as during October we will be trialling a cardboard recycling initiative in some homes and it is our intention to roll out cardboard recycling in all our larger homes covering 50% of the portfolio before the end of the year.

In our trust we've been recycling glass. metal and paper incl. cardboard for nearly 18 months. We don't use cooking oil in our kitchens, either as it's not healthy food. Come on Pils, !!!!

ah yes but some oil is nessacery, also in the group I cater for we use quite a lot of enriched foods to get in maximum calories in the mimimum mouthfuls so the use of cream, cheese and indeed oil is in quite widespread.
sometimes they will really go for a nice portion of fried fish and chips and that gets plenty of calories in.
We work in different catagories of healthcare so some issues will be opposites. some of my residents will only eat 7 or 8 mouthfuls of food at any meal so maximum calories are a good thing.
Thats not to say they get fried food everyday except if they ask for it but it is a useful tool to have at my disposale

also i started a plastic , cardboard and metal recycling scheme last year using a local collection group that was free but they lost their funding from the council and said they would have to start charging per collection and as we already have to pay to have business waste collected at that time they were not prepared to pay a second bill for a service we already had.

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